Who we are

Based in the Great Lakes Bay Region of Michigan, the name Asharu is a derivative of the first few letters of the three founders middle names, created in February of 2019 during a winter expedition to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

Asharu Expeditions is led by three friends who enjoy exploring planet Earth and sometimes go the extra mile to view things that most people miss. Today, we take camping and hiking journeys to various places, with most of our adventures occurring in Michigan and lead and organize expeditions to places we have previously visited.

From left: Landon, Dustin, Bobby

Often times on our initial explorations to new areas we put ourselves in hilarious situations trying to get to the areas that most people don’t see. Like when we toured South Manitou for the first time and went way out off the beaten path to explore a seemingly untouched beach to eventually unexpectedly ending up in a fellow campers remote site.

Our Outlook

Anyways, we live for exploring the Earth and venturing to distant lands and into the wilderness to discover the beauty of the Earth, experience different cultures, to learn, become storytellers, and create memories that last forever. The three of us recognize and try to live by the notion that stuff is cool, but experiences help you grow and they last forever.

We want to show you something cool… Join Us